Permaculture Design Course

Permaculture Design Course
Madeira Island - Portugal
Permaculture is to live in harmony with nature providing for human needs and the needs of everything around us

New School Permaculture Diploma Academy

 New School Permaculture
 Diploma Academy

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We have a great team of tutors to support you on this process.

Helder Valente (PT)

Javier "El Mato"(ES)

Rakesh Rootsman Rak (UK)

Giusseppe Sannicandro (IT)

...if you are interested on doing your diploma please contact sublimar(at)
we have a great team of tuttors for you

How the wolves create rivers, amazing example of natural succession and working with nature

Many people is looking for a teacher, for a master but they forget that the greatest of all teachers, the master of all masters is everywere around us, and to learn from him or maybe from her, we just have to open our eyes and see in a new way.

What if monkeys could talk?

 Washoe is an approximately 36-year-old female chimpanzee who has been taught to communicate using American Sign Language . 

Washoe is the first non-human to acquire a human language, and her adopted chimp son, Loulis, is the first to acquire a human language from another chimpanzee. 

Washoe uses ASL to communicate with the human researchers and caretakers as well as with the four other chimpanzees involved in the project. 

This project has changed the way we look at our closest relatives and serves to improve conditions of captive chimps by alleviating their boredom.

...or use a monkey picture in your facebook profile and promote this amazing animal. 

This video segment explores the use and production of Loulis, the only non-human primate to learn a human language in the way that human children most typically do: from his mother.

Further, the work of R. Allen and Beatrix T. Gardner continued with several other young chimpanzees that became Loulis adopted older siblings (Moja, Tatu, & Dar) and who helped Loulis to develop his use of American Sign Language within the social milieu.

What are the new permies able to do?

To design holistic systems demands many skills, you can study mushrooms all life like Paul Stamets and still have a lot to learn about mycelium...

Its natural that new born permies miss the "system thinking" experience and the "system practice" experience specialy wen we talk about working in diferent climate zones...and we know that all this is just part of the natural succession of permaculture education and that we all have to go thru.

We know that "in the problem is the solution" so to create a "beneficial relationship" with the "local knowledge" and "landscape" are the keys for a harmonized environment. 

I use a principle that says "if you dont adapt it will crack" any movement as any religion that preaches that we alone have all the solutions will never be sustainable. 
Our main chalenge is at the same time our bigest gift and that is the "diversity".

Atlantis Food Forest Garden


The "Atlantis food forest" is a way to design food forests, the new school permaculture and Helder Valente have already designed many of this forests in several countries.

Atlantis Food Forest in north of Tenerife

The latest Atlantis Forest is in the north of portugal at the Douro region close to Porto .

It is composed of many different fruits and berries providing for the fruits needs of the farm.
It is a long list of things that grow in this paradise.

Atlantis is also worlds first permaculture butterfly sanctuary and home for the Monarch Butterfly in Europe

Happy to share our developments on social networks
stay tunned.

Here are some of the plants we grow


Punica granatum
 Plants for a future

Morinda citrifolia

 Moringa oleifera

Tree tomato
Solanum betaceum

 Citrus latifolia

Suriname cherry
Eugenia Uniflora

Coffea Arabica

Russian olive

Chinese Dogwood
Cornus Kousa

Cornelian Cherry


Solanum pseudolulo

Solanum abutiloides

Jamaican dwarf 
Red Banana  
Musa acuminata

Amazon Red Banana  
Musa acuminata dakka

Japanese Banana
 Musa Basjoo 

Ethiopian Banana  
Ensete ventricosum 
Plant Encyclopedia

 Inca berry
 Physalis peruviana

Red Amarant
Amaranthus Cruentus


Medicago Sativa
In Wikipedia 


Polymnia edulis  


Beans click HERE
Fruit seeds click HERE
Edible Roots click HERE
Edible Flowers click HERE
Leaf Vegetables click HERE
Natural Medicines click HERE
Complete seeds list click HERE 

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New School Permaculture Design Course in Tenerife Island

New School Permaculture Tribal PDC
Permaculture Design Course
 Tenerife Island - Spain 

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a sustainable design system that provides for human needs while having positive effects on the surrounding environment. It is based on the ethics of earth care, people care and fair share, and provides practical solutions to the global crises we are currently facing.

Whatever your plans for the future are, the Permaculture Design Course will give you the perspective and tools required to find positive solutions towards a sustainable life....that creates abundance for all organisms and natural systems.

This course is presented by creative non formal education methods, that are based on creating a bridge between the right and left side of the brain, so that the analytical and creative abilities of the students get fully stimulated and get the most out of the experience...for many people is the most empowering and inspiring transformative process of their lives...and they carry this with them everywere they go....and thats our goal.


The New School Permaculture will be teaching this PDC Permaculture Design Course, on the Canary islands, the course will be hosted at the amazing Tenerife Island 

Event is also on facebook
The course follows a set syllabus and leads to the internationally recognised Permaculture Design Certificate.

Taught by Helder Valente of the
New School Permaculture  and the aprentices team.

Helder studied and worked with pioneers like Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton in Turkey, Doug Bullock in the Amazon, Rosemary Morrow in Austria, Graham Bell in Scotland, Darren dougherty, Ernst Gotcsh, Sepp Holzer in Portugal and many others in countries like Haiti, Canada, Egipt, Finland, Peru, always learning and practicing this sustainable design methods.

While living in the city he dedicated 5 years on developing urban permaculture projects and for the last 5 years traveling and developing permaculture institutes around the world. 

 It all started in 2009 teaching permaculture to students at the agriculture university and since then learning and teaching in many different climates and getting to know the old ways and new ways of sharing information.

 By December 2012 in the Peruvian Amazon working in support to the shipibo indigenous communities Helder created the New School Permaculture and  is now developing alternative educational methods.

Helder never stopped and this last months spent his time working with Quechua farmers in the Andes and developing projects in the Amazon with the shipibo people and more recently visiting and supporting projects in Haiti and Findhorn. 

The New School Permaculture uses creative and inspiring educational tools that enable the students to empower eachother in a way that many people have never experienced in their lives before.

To see testimonials from our students
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This course will be in the beautiful subtropical island of Tenerife.This island has amazing microclimates, you can find plants of cold climates like chestnuts to tropical fruits like pineaples growing verry close apart.

To see what grows in the region
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The subjects covered during this Permaculture Design Course include:

The ethics and principles of Permaculture
Learning strategies

Educational Methods
 Reading the landscape
Pattern in design
Water preservation
Forests and trees
Soils building
Buildings and natural construction
Alternative economies
Community development

To know more about the content of the course you can check our videos on you tube
The first two days of this course can be booked as an Introduction to Permaculture course, or you can remain for the experience of the full PDC.

Hope to see you toguether with us on this adventure

Creative education @ IPC Cuba

You can also see the pictures of the congress

Sociocracy Vs Democracy

What alternatives can we present for decision making processes and how can we create a more horizontal system.

Do plants feel pain?

All living beings have sensitive interfaces with the environment.
 That is one of the key issues that enable adaptation to environmental changes.
 In my humble opinion plants are the best adapted (and most intelligent) living beings:

 * They are true mirror of stars - 
Stars transform matter in energy (through atomic explosions). 
Plants transform photons (energy) into organic matter (through photosynthesis). 
* Unlike animals they spend very little amounts of energy to compute movement. 
Animals spend most of their neural capacity and energy computing movement. 
* Animals need to move to get what they need to survive. 
 Plants adapt their metabolism to the places they decide to live in and create roots.

 This are some of the facts that leaded me to the conclusion that plants deserve much more "respect" than animals (humans included).
 If we look at the planet as a unity, as a Living System (James Lovelok's Gaia Hypothesis) we'll probably agree that plants show a much more RATIONAL and INTELIGENT behaviour and procedures than man or animals in general. They even use us as vectors... 

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Permaculture is to create paradise on earth starting at the kitchen garden

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