Permaculture Design Course

Permaculture Design Course
Madeira Island - Portugal
Permaculture is to live in harmony with nature providing for human needs and the needs of everything around us

How to grow tomato plants without space using a hanging recycled plastic bottle by Master Nature

Master Nature 
Ideas #1

The tomato revolution
 has arived with the help of 
Master Nature

The planet is facing many chalenges and the problems are very complex.

It is important to keep a positive attitude and to look for simple solutions even for the most complex problems. 

Best place to start its the kitchen window using 
urban permaculture

This new revolutionary way of growing vertical tomato and other food plants for people with limited space can be a lot of fun for adults and children.

It is a very interesting way to create a garden for people that have very limited room but still are passionate about nature and want to become gardeners.

If you have a small kitchen room with some window light or even with an artificial light you have all that is needed to create this amazing garden area.

You will find that this is the best do it your self (DIY) method for producing your own salad tomatoes and other greens even without experience or space.

 Upside down tomato plants can save a lot of space and they are something that will for sure surprise you and your family.


  • Free tomatoes - This method is a great choice for growing your own food at no cost and on your own house, even if you live in a big city.
  • Big Production - You will be surprised by how much you will produce even with a small bottle, all because there is a lot of free space for the plant to grow without the need of tutors or holding structures.
  • Help of gravity - With the help of gravity you will see plants grow a lot stronger and faster than in a regular pot.
  • Clean food - Since you are the gardener you will have clean organic food without herbicides fungicides and chemical fertilizers.
  • No labour - Besides the initial instalation there isnt much more time or energy needed, all you have to do then its water and harvest and thats it. 
  • No Diseases - Since the plants are upside down you will see that you will not get pest or problems since air flow its really good and that keeps problems away.
  • Easy harvesting - This tomato plant will provide an easy way for you to do your harvest without havint to think of a structure to hold the plant.
  • Clean air at home - Having plants at home is the best way to have clean air and a more healthy environment at home and that improves our quality of life.
  • Fight climate change - We all know the importance of being active on the protection of the planet with all the polution and garbage that we see around us, with this method you will become part of the natural revolution and the CO2 reduction.
  • Nature connection - Nature is our master and our therapist, by taking care of a plant you will find a relaxed mental state on your day to day life and by taking care of a plant we solve all the worlds problems.

What do i need?

Container – The bigger the better for large production of delicious free.
Seeds or plants - Good Seeds, you can grow tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers.
Good soil – The best is organic chemical free soil from your local suplier.
Fertlizer – If you would really like to have a massive production you can use use an organic fertilizer, that will make a big difference if you want a huge crop.
Watering – Depending on weather and soil type you might have to water more or less frequently.

Container options

Professional container of vertical 
upside down tomato growing

You can find or create several options for containers, from the basic DIY  homemade versions with plastic bottles 
to the more professional super productive versions of planters. 

With some containers 
plants can get massive

Its important to have a long lasting robust container that will not be damaged by the big root development and heavy plant growth, if the plant gets too heavy you will have to prune it and with that you will lose some production.

 Most strong plastic, or strong containers will create no problems.

Your container needs to be deep and wide enough for the adult size of the variety of tomato chosen so that it can have maximum production.

If you would like a very productive professional container
send us an email to


Some varieties of tomatoes grow better upside down than others.
Varieties with small fruit are a usually the best but .
You can try with many varieties but the ones we prefer are:

Yellow Cherry 
 Doesnt need much light and has a short season production, its very productive.

Pear tomato 
 Tomato with unique and special shape that will make you eat them like candy.

European black
This is one of most beautifull varieties of tomatoes and the flavour its super unique.

You can try many varieties, some will adapt better than others, only time and experience will make you understand the best ones.

If you would like to receive this varieties above
send us an email to

BEST soil options

There are many soil mixes that you can use and as a gardener with practice, experience and time you will be able to create your own.
There are some basic rules for good soil and they can be simplified as:

Organic – If you want to grow something special and clean of poison for your family, organic should be your first option.
Aerated - Soil that is soft not compacted and aerated its the best substrate for tomatoes and upside down plants.
Not sterilized – Sterilized soil has no life and that will make plants grow much more slow than with a living soil.

 Living Fertilizers

Fertility its the key for healthy plants and nutrient dense food.
To be able to reach maximum results you will need to fertilize your tomatoes frequently because they really like that extra fertility.
Chose some natural fertilizers that are easily available for the plants and have a fast absorbsion with that you can have the best results.
Our best results are with liquid living fertilizer, in that way the plant can absorb super fast and we can see huge growth every day, and all natural.

If you need some more advice on soil creation or fertilizers
send us an email to


Watering its an art that can take time to get perfect.
Most plants survive easy as long as they have soil and water but to have perfect results you have to "talk with your plant" and understand when its the best moment to water.
This is an art that can take many years to be perfect.
Our trick its to water everytime the soil gets dry but to
not let it get too much dry .
Sometimes its everyday, sometimes its every 3 days, sometimes its twice a day.
Another trick we use is to fertlize every time we water so that wen the plant is starting to have the need for water it can also have some "candy" and
get really big.

Depending on container you have you might have to water less or more, professional containers can have self watering systems and with that you might only have to water once a week.

How do i start?

You can start with the homemade (DYI) version of the 
vertical upside down planting container.
 It is a very simple process and can save you some money. 
You other option its to get the professional version that will allow you to start immediately with the best possible conditions.

For the DYI version
One important tip its to cover the light with some tape because
 roots dont like to be exposed to light.

 On their natural environment roots are always in the soil and they are never exposed to sun light ;)

If you are looking for something ready to start that will allow for best results starting on the first growing season you can always get something specially prepared for this function.

For best results you can contact us and we can provide best ideas, sugestions and materials for you to have one on a lifetime crop.

We have for you, containers, seeds, soil and fertilizers that will make everything more easy in the moment of growing, caring and harvesting.
If you are interested send us an email to

One you have your crop you can use this method to dry the tomato in the sun and get a delicious product you that you can preserve for long time.

The most important thing of all its that you grow, 
and to grow with what you grow.
And with what you grow
we all grow.

Master Nature

If you would like to keep learning more dont forget to join our facebook groups so that you can learn about many different topics for free and be part of a network of people with the same passions.

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